About Us

Welcome to Muddy Mutts of Harrogate web site!

Muddy Mutts of Harrogate is dedicated to providing the best dog walking and pet care around. We have been leading the way in dog walking and pet care services for 10 years. As a force free dog trainer, I believe taking care of other people’s pets is founded on a love of animals but that knowledge, through high quality training and education, means I am committed to offering a first class service. As a business, I put your pets first: putting ‘Professional’ into ‘Professional Dog Walking & Pet Care Company’

At Muddy Mutts I understand that pet owners may need a little help to steal back some valuable time from their busy schedules whilst being assured their pet is getting home-from-home style personal care. Whether you need regular help with dog walking, puppy care home visits or cat and other small pet care visits – your pets will always be in the best of caring hands.

I’m Chrissy and I established my dog walking, dog and puppy training and pet care business in 2013. As a lifelong animal lover and dog, cat and small pet owner, along with horses being a big part of my life, I decided to put my passions first and I have never looked back! I am a committed force free dog trainer and believe that looking after other people’s animals should demand high standards so ongoing education to keep up to date with the latest science and research into animal welfare and training methods is an essential part of running my business. As a pet care professional, it is, after all, about caring for the welfare of animals.

With a background in management, you can rely on me for total discretion in relation to the security of your home during all services being undertaken, for honesty and integrity – as well as reliability.

Peace of mind for you that I am:

Fully Insured for Dog Walking, Pet Care and Dog Training

Fully insured for transporting animals in my vehicle

Dog First Aid trained

DBS cleared (updated March 2023)

Certified APDT Advanced Trainer

Kennel Club Accredited Instructor working towards accreditation scheme member

All dogs are individually assessed by myself as to suitability for group walking in our initial meet and greet followed by a trial walk. Please note dogs may only be off lead during dog walks with owner consent which is part of our signed Agreement. Please also be assured that when you meet me, no-one else will then be allocated to care for your pet: I am proud to run a personalised business.

I share my life with six fun-loving Working Cocker Spaniels who all love their outdoor adventures with me but are always happy to join their Muddy Mutts group walking companions too. When my dogs are not having a blast on cross country rambles, they enjoy Gundog training with me. They are all avid retrievers who also love making a splash in the water so training is always fun. There is nothing they enjoy more than a day’s beating during the season on a variety of small local shoots. Yogi has achieved his Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate while his mum Sky, along with his older sisters, have achieved some of the Kennel Club Good Citizens training awards – but they mostly enjoy getting wet and muddy out and about on our variety of daily walks!

Just to share something about my love of cats: The oldest and the last of my cat dynasty, Mouse and Bunty, sadly said their final goodbyes five years ago aged 19 and 20 but they are all very much missed: Floyd, Simba, Phoebe, Freya, Mouse, Bunty, Spock, Igmu and Spook; the last five all lived together and got along very happily with each other as well as with my two re-homed dogs of that time, a beautiful Lurcher called Milly and an adorable Malamute called Jess. Now, with a family of six Working Cockers in my home there is no room at the inn for more cats but I do now get to enjoy the company of and care for a wonderful variety of felines as part of my Cat Care service.

Please note Cat Care service can include some indoor home care jobs such as removing all daily post from letterboxes, opening and closing blinds and watering your house plants.

Having lived in Harrogate all my life I know a great selection of walks so my group walking dogs get a variety of fun dog walks where we can head to the water and cool shade on warm days, shelter through the woodland walks on the damp days, romp over acres of open fields on fine days and everything in between. It is important all dogs enjoy their walks equally so all group walkers are expected to be respectful to their fellow groupies – no harassment or bullying permitted.

I will always be honest about how your dog is fitting in to group walking as, while most dogs soon settle into group walks, group dog walking is not for every dog so alternatives will be suggested if appropriate – for the wellbeing of all dogs in my care

Bar occasional adverse weather, we are out and about whatever the weather – so towels at your door in wet weather for final rub down on return is a must – outside hose even better!

As well as having many years of experience around dogs, cats and horses you can be sure I not only offer kind, fair and effective management of your pets but I also ensure that their safety and wellbeing is my priority at all times out in public or at your home – just as if they were my own. I consider all animals I look after as being a part of my extended family.